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The stove is usually the most grime-filled part of your kitchen. By starting next to the stove and working your way around in a clock wise motion to ensure the stove is done at the end will prevent dirt and grease spreading from the stove to other areas.
Leaving pans soaked in warm soapy water, and working your way around the kitchen to do them at the end makes it easier to clean.
When sponges become smelly and shredded, it’s an indication for replacement!
Rubbing a little bit of lemon oil on glass doors in the shower twice a month would cause water droplets to bead up and roll down.
Did you know that Tang Drink Mix can work as a scrubbing agent, due to the citric acid content? Just use a teaspoon in the toilet bowl and begin scrubbing. And flush after a couple of minutes.
Are you one of those people who are horrified by getting splashed by toilet water when cleaning? Repeatedly push the toilet brush in and out of the trap which should help lower the water level and allow you to swish safely.
A top to bottom approach in cleaning should always be followed so that any dust or dirt that falls to the ground while your cleaning would get picked up last when you do the sweeping.
If you didn’t know already, there is only one right way to sweep. The broom should be held with one hand on top and the other in the middle, like a canoe paddle. Begin each sweeping stroke from the outside and work towards the middle so that you don’t miss any spot. Making it easier to pick up the dust and dirt from a center point.
As a general rule of thumb, a broom with fine split end bristles should be used for indoor surfaces. And for outdoor, thick and stiff bristles without split ends works well.
Brooms should be stored hanging about the handle cap, or if your broom doesn’t have a hang hole, then keep it handle down in order to protect the bristles from bending.
Choosing the right dust pan is important as those with a rubber beading edge helps to pick all dust without that leaving annoying line of dust on the floor.
A quick homemade solution for cleaning your cutting board is to rub a lemon on the cut side. This can quickly help remove any smells or food stains. Sprinkling some baking soda or salt can strengthen the effectiveness of this technique.
Did you know that rubbing your bathroom fixtures with a wet sponge and a bit of toothpaste can help to make your faucets gleam again as it removes gunk off chrome?
Grating raw potato on your grater can actually help clean it.
Sprinkle small amounts of bicarbonate of soda on your carpets and rugs. Leave for 15 minutes and then sweep away the dirt. Any fustiness will be evaporated too.
Tidying up your room before cleaning it should always be the first step. Be it the kitchen, living room or bedroom as this ensures no spots are left uncleaned while at the same time making your household look in order.
Now that you have decided to clean your house, it’s important that you get all of the essential equipment right and have a bucket or anything similar to enable you to carry it from one room to another. Make sure you don’t cross contaminate by having a separate set of colors for the washrooms, kitchen and living rooms.
Ideally a separate cleaning kit needs to be maintained for washrooms given its going to be the most germ-infested area of your house. Having another color would go a long way in helping to categorize.
Make it a habit to dust first before sweeping or vacuuming so that any dust or dirt that falls to the ground get picked up.
An effective dust cloth is one which is clean, dampened microfiber cloth. It helps to pick up dust without leaving any behind.
When dusting lamps, make sure to not use a damp cloth on a hot or warm bulb as it could shatter.
To remove dust from uneven surfaces such as caved furniture, keyboard, telephone etc, it helps to use a dampened paint brush.
Always sweep first before vacuuming for an effective cleaning exercise. And make sure to start from a corner and work your way out.
When cleaning hardened or dried up splatters inside your microwave. Fill a bowl with water and boil it inside the microwave. The steam should help to soften those splatters for a quick wipe.
An easier way to clean burner rings from a hob is to soak them in hot, soapy water in your sink to loosen the dirt.
A pro tip is to make it a habit of cleaning spills immediately as they occur since they are much easier to clean rather than a dried or hardened spill.
A glass wiper used on tiled/plastic walls after each shower should slow water spot formations.
Soaking shower head in boiling water with vinegar will help to unclog lime scale on the head.
Routinely cleaning your bathrooms will help prevent the build-up of soap scum and mildew. Also less time consuming to clean.
Maintenance of your cleaning equipment is important in order to sustain its effectiveness over a long period of time. Combing the bristles regularly can clear out the dirt and dust that is trapped throughout the bristles. Any inexpensive, old plastic comb should be sufficient for this purpose.
All plastic brooms with PET bristles can be easily washed by just running water over them. It’s good practice to clean your brooms and wash in a regular basis for prolonged usage.
Each tool has been designed for a specific set of uses. It’s essential that you learn to use the right tool the required job. Following the instruction labels for instructions will help your tools last longer. Saving time and money from throwing away prematurely.
Mopping, unlike sweeping has to follow an 8 figure motion, tackling a small section at a time and flipping it over halfway through before wringing it in the bucket.
Do not rush the cleaning chores by deciding to overload yourself with the entire house on a day, plan and decide which areas you want to clean first by prioritizing. And complete a section each day so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.
Importance of Delegating! Cleaning is not just any one individual responsibility within a household, but rather everyone’s. Based on their age and/or maturity, task should be assigned accordingly. Ensure everyone is aware of their own responsibilities and appreciate the time and effort required for cleaning – could lead to a possibly more responsible future behavior (especially true for teenagers!).
Even if you may not enjoy cleaning, best try to make it more enjoyable by putting on some rousing music or maybe even invite a willing mate to tag along to help while having a good gossip! (You can return the favor on another day). And make sure to reward yourself once completed!
Carpets can act as a magnet to catch most dirt/debris that can be carried on your shoes from the garden or driveway. Placing mats at all doorways can help prevent most dirt getting past that point.
If you own a pet, it’s wise to wipe their paws before letting them inside the house so that no mud is carried inside.